Luxembourg Garden: The Largest Park In Paris

Luxembourg Garden is one of the most popular parks of Paris. Gorgeous garden and park complex is located in the city center, right in the Latin block of Paris.
This place offers plenty of attractions for people of all ages and interests. Here come the students, parents with children, and even tourists.

The area of the Luxembourg Garden is 22.45 hectares, but there is almost always crowded. Students come here to work out, parents with children – for picnics, and runners – for a jog. As with many other famous sights in Paris there is always a lot of tourists in the park. But despite this popularity, the Luxembourg Garden is still a great place to relax from the busy streets of Paris.
In the middle of the park there is a large octagonal pond Grand Bassin, where children can swim in a small boat. In the Luxembourg Gardens there are many other attractions for children, including a puppet theater, pony rides and a large playground. Throughout the Garden numerous trails, scenic meadows and flower meadows stretch. The park is decorated with hundreds of various statues. Here you can stay in any place - a picnic in the meadow, or just to read a book. People come here to play chess or just chat with each other, visit the music pavilion, or tennis courts. Directly behind the greenhouse there is the Luxembourg museum with its periodic exhibitions.

Luxembourg Garden of Paris is famous for a number of outstanding fountains, the most famous of which is the Medici fountain - the Romantic masterpiece of Baroque, designed in the early 17th century. It is located on the edge of a small pond in the north-eastern part of the park. The Central sculpture depicts the Greek mythological character of Polyphemus. Very few people know that there is another fountain behind Leda De Medici Fountain. It was created in 1806 and also shows a number of mythical scenes.