France For Children

Usually, France is referred to Paris and Eiffel tower, but this quotation isn’t true. Go on reading this article to be brought around


The complex is located in the Walt Disney studios, the actual Park as well as tennis courts, playgrounds for sports, hotels, etc. Disneyland was opened in 1992. Its construction involved the area of 2000 hectares, which was later divided into five major areas representing different children's fantasy and magical worlds. The atmosphere of Disneyland is always filled with fun, jokes and sincere laugh. There are bright flower festivals, carnivals, clowns and many other holidays. Park holiday shopping with accessories from famous Hollywood films, the Museum of Barbie dolls, clubs and discos with different music are waiting for the children all over the world.

Park Asterix

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This is perhaps one of the best places for children, especially if they are fans of the famous comic strip. The Park is 50 km from Paris, in the middle of a dense forest. It presents 30 attractions which are decorated in Gallic style. Here you can experience the wrath of the gods, to travel on clouds, and enjoy the vintage French cuisine.

Park La Villette

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Paris Weekender

If your child is a fan of clever designers and loves to disassemble household appliances, he'll definitely appreciate a trip to the Paris Park La Villette. On the area of 55 hectares, it has its own planetarium, a cinema, built in the shape of a ball, the Town of music and exhibition hall. But perhaps the most interesting place in La Villette is A Scientific Town. It's a kind of a Museum without the signs "do not touch". Here you can become a fighter pilot Mirage, learn how to forecast the weather, to see you again and touch the "stuffing" of the TV.