Unusual John Hooper Wooden Sculptures

In the small town of St. John in Canada, on the street, you can see  very interesting wooden sculptures, which annually attract hundreds of tourists.

Картинки по запросу Unusual John Hooper Wooden Sculptures
The sculpture, entitled "People are waiting" was created by Canadian-born Englishman John Hooper in 1977 for the main post office, which is located in the town of Rothesay.

Over time, wood sculptures began to deteriorate and lost their attractive appearance. After repair of the post office wanted to get rid of the sculptures, but they were carefully bought by another city - Saint John. The St. John's authorities repaired and re-painted all the sculptures, after which they were placed at the main street of the city - King Street.

Картинки по запросу Unusual John Hooper Wooden Sculptures
In addition to the sculpture "People are waiting" John Hooper also created the sculpture "chronometer" and "People walking along in different directions", also located in Saint John.

"Chronometer" sculpture is a low tower at the entrance to the market square, where you can observe different people. Sculpture "People are coming together in different directions" shows rush hour in one of the underground passages.

Похожее изображение
"Balancing" sculpture is showing a man balancing on a bench surrounded by strangers.
John Hooper's works can be found across Canada. His creations are characterized by the special atmosphere and style.

Картинки по запросу Unusual John Hooper Wooden Sculptures
Ottawa Daily Photo

John Hooper was honored with numerous awards, including an honorary Order of Canada. The sculptor died in 2006, aged 79 years.